There's Nothing Like Helping A Local Business

There is something special about viewing the value our digital marketing agency has added for local clients as we move about daily life in our hometown. When we drive past one of our customers, see one of our ads, or watch our friends and families contribute to our customers’ growth, we can’t help but feel proud. The tangibility of seeing our digital marketing agency’s efforts make an impact on the Jacksonville community is incredibly rewarding.

Still, there is an equally powerful feeling of angst when we see a Jacksonville business hemorrhage money with marketing efforts that lack a revenue-focused plan.

Most of our Jacksonville clients came to us from another marketing agency, and always for the same reasons.


Most Agencies Are Run By Designers.

Our core leadership’s experience has laid the groundwork for us to change how digital marketing agencies in Jacksonville operate for the better.

  • Founder, Nick Leonard, started Fable Heart Media with a decade of experience helping billion-dollar companies with high-level product implementation, marketing analytics, M&A Finance, and project management.

  • Managing Partner, Mike Kent, comes from the small to midsize business space where he built digital marketing structures from the ground up through innovative tactics and with unbelievable results.

The leadership here is different than what you’ll find at most Jacksonville marketing agencies. We think well beyond design, well beyond the theoretical. Fable Heart Media is in business for one reason: to help companies grow their bottom line.

Everything we propose has to answer three questions:

Two men on a computer, reviewing data generated from our Creative Digital Marketing Services.
1. Who cares?

A lot of our clients really thought they knew their customers. Fortunately, we saved them from marketing to the wrong “WHO” by looking at their data and course-correcting to the right “WHO.”

2. Why do they care?

People will not swipe their cards if they can’t see the value. The “WHY” must be present everywhere.

3. Will this help them buy/engage?

This question is the deal-breaker between nice to have and need to have.

How Can We Prove it?

What makes a good report? Good Data!

When we build a website, an advertising campaign, or a social media strategy, our data structure closely follows the three questions above. We have to have clean data sources robust enough to capture every step of the customer journey. So many marketing reports are unable to query beyond a campaign. Our team structures our strategies around the capabilities of the data so that we can always prove our value.

We do not use out-of-the-box insights. 

There are a lot of built-in tools at our disposal: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, CRM Analytics, etc. These tools are really powerful out of the box but can be totally useless in proving attribution if they are not structured well. Without the addition of custom fields, campaign structures, and data aggregation, it is easy to be overwhelmed by analysis paralysis.

You could find yourself saying, “I don’t know what all of this marketing data means or what it has to do with revenue.” “I can’t tell if we are growing or not.” “Is there an ROI report I can see?”

At Fable Heart Media, we are experts at connecting the dots within the data. We craft custom dashboards that showcase how, for instance, an advertising campaign affected website traffic, potential customer engagements, and ultimately conversions. We actually prove how the blog we wrote is garnering new site traffic, and whether or not those users are buying and engaging.

There is a lot of accountability in good data.

Our data will show whether or not Fable Heart Media is truly a value add. Every month our clients see reports that show our impact on their business. We are not a digital marketing agency that hides behind the buzzwords. If your customers are not responding to something we try, we will know, and so will you.

Being transparent allows for honest discussions and prevents our clients from wasting money on marketing efforts where the “Prove It Factor” is missing.

The Fable Heart Media team looking over social media data for a client

Jacksonville businesses need better digital marketing.

Local companies need a marketing perspective that prioritizes design without forgetting the ultimate goal of growing earnings. Phrases like “Results-Driven Marketing” and “Customer Focused Design” should be line items on the general ledger – they should mean something.

It is for these reasons that we started our digital marketing agency in Jacksonville. Our structure, mindsets, approaches, and theories work – we can prove it!

We Help You Achieve Measurable Growth

We are Fable Heart Media, a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, FL, that focuses on driving measurable growth and obtaining results for our clients. Whether you own a small company or lead a marketing team, our team can help you achieve your business goals. We love creating stunning websites and writing awesome blogs, but for us, nothing tops the feeling of watching our clients grow online due to our marketing partnership.