Better Marketing Fueled By Passion

Jul 14, 2020

A Little Background

I must admit I never thought I would have a passion for trains. Yet, I found myself standing in an antique store in Fargo, North Dakota, holding an old rail spike. As I held it in my hand, I searched online to see who ran the depot printed on it. I desperately wanted the rail spike to belong to our client Patriot Rail & Ports, but sadly, it wasn’t one of theirs. I would have bought it if it was.

Looking back at this day of antique shopping, I realize now that I was hoping to find items related to Fable Heart Media’s clients. Our commitment to their brands has flowed into my personal life, and that time in North Dakota isn’t the only example. 

Recently, my wife and I discussed painting a few rooms in our house. My first thought was to use Florida Paints. After working with BMB Filtration, I changed all of the filters in my house, because I now know the effect they have on air quality in precise detail. For one of our date nights before the quarantine, my wife and I enjoyed a night out at the Alhambra Theatre & Dining. I was a kid the last time I saw a show there.

The "Give a Shit" Factor

What’s interesting is that Nick Leonard, my business partner at Fable Heart Media, shares my deep-seated passion for our clients.
Phrase (phr): Giving A Shit /ˈɡiviNG/a/SHit/: When exceeding the goal is the standard. Doing things the right way and providing better marketing because you care. Thinking things through, because… you give a shit.

Nick and I always talk about the “give a shit” factor, and if I think about it, we demonstrate this in how we obsess about our customers and their brands. We fully buy into their success. It’s not uncommon for us to randomly send a client an idea that popped into one of our heads. Sometimes, the ideas we share don’t even relate to one of our marketing services. We honestly just wanted to help them succeed.

I believe it’s this passion for our clients’ businesses that distinguishes us from other agencies and allows us to provide better marketing. Our team doesn’t only care about a client during the workday. They are on our minds 24/7. 

Passion is Part of Our Process

Man Working on Laptop

When Nick and I started Fable Heart Media, our goal was to create a digital marketing agency that we would want to work with ourselves. In our past lives, we worked with agencies that neither fully understood our company’s goals, nor cared to learn about them. At Fable Heart, our team takes the time upfront to dive deep and fully grasp a client’s business before we start a project. By thinking like stakeholders, we’re able to build an environment founded on honesty and transparency. This leads to clear communication – a critical part of our process. Without it, we can’t deliver measurable change and better marketing.

Each new client relationship always starts with an in-depth discussion where we ask questions and have an open conversation to learn all that we can about a client’s business and brand. The knowledge gained during this session and ongoing weekly meetings allow us to offer them better advice and tailored solutions. These meetings also foster an environment for passion toward a client’s brand to grow.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Proving our value is a big thing for us at Fable Heart Media. Our team doesn’t just make pretty graphics and websites. We expect everything we design to look great, but it’s more important to us that our efforts drive positive results for our clients. Keep reading to see how our marketing agency has delivered value for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and Florida Paints.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

It’s almost an understatement to say that we’re passionate about the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Our marketing agency has worked with them for over a year now, and our commitment to their success has only grown. We now even catch ourselves using terms like “we” and “us” when referring to them.

The BRSR was our first client and one in which we are still heavily involved. Patriot Rail & Ports trusted us to take this excursion train to the next level, and we delivered. For more details, check out the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway case study.

  • Increased Online Ticket Sales by 27%
  • Added 2,800 Instagram Followers in Seven Months
  • Increased the Number of Site Visitors to by 300%

Florida Paints

Florida Paints is a client that we developed a deep connection with right off the bat. Our companies share a lot of the same values, and we were instantly drawn in by their unique story and history. We may not have worked with them for as long as the BRSR, but we’re still just as passionate about their brand and locked into their success.

Florida Paints trusted us to develop a new website for them to embody their brand and lead to more sales. We’re happy to report that after the first month, the number of people visiting their site grew by 299%. Most importantly, they now hold a top spot for the term “Florida paint manufacturer” on Google.

To read the full story, check out the Florida Paints case study.

We Help You Achieve Measurable Growth

We are Fable Heart Media, a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville, FL, that focuses on driving measurable growth and obtaining results for our clients. Whether you own a small company or lead a marketing team, our team can help you achieve your business goals. We love creating stunning websites and writing awesome blogs, but for us, nothing tops the feeling of watching our clients grow online due to our marketing partnership.